“Thank You for helping me make my husbands birthday even more special.  God Bless your business”

-Beth J.

“What a great massage! She is prompt and professional, she goes further than the average therapist in trying to obtain a good result.”

-Dr John A

“As a retired Physical Therapist with mild scoliosis I am interested in massage as a therapeutic medium. It is very difficult to find an individual who understands the deep massage needed for such a patient, and who is gifted in the right techniques.  Linda has an amazing ability to find the muscle tightness and direct her attention to decreasing the spasms in specific areas.  Linda presents herself in a very professional manner.  Her personality is pleasant and a true joy to be around.  Thank You.”

-Jennifer A.

“I have been a client of Linda’s for 10 years. She is a very competent and capable massage therapist.  Especially impressive is her enthusiasm to stay current in her profession.   She applies these new techniques to better serve her clients individual needs.  It is because of Linda’s competence that I have been able to avoid the physical impairment that often plagues dentists.”

-Dr Jan W.